Get YOUR security deposit Back!

A guy trying to get his security deposit from his landlord.

Review Our Specials

Depending on your needs it may be necessary for a team member to provide an in-house estimate. We work hard to be transparent with pricing, so please review our current specials page for details. One shoe doesn't  fit all when it comes to clean and we need to know the level of clean you really need to avoid additional cost when we arrive to assess the home on your date of service.

Booking Your Appointment

Please allow 48-hours between the date you book your appointment and the date you would like service. Some appointments may require a reservation deposit.

Date of Service

On the date of your service appointment  we will contact you with the name of our team member so you know who you are expecting.

** If you are unable to be at the location or will be in and out, notify our office and we may have some options for you.

Completion of Service

Once your services are completed you will be emailed an invoice or a Field Team member will arrive to collect the payment. If you won't be at the home, payment will be due in advance of service. If our team member did something exceedingly well and went beyond the call of service, feel free to tip them directly. 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


How to Prepare for our visit

  1. Schedule your move out at least 2-3 days prior to your lease end date. This allows time for us to service your home when you have started moving out.
  2. Ensure you maintain utility services at the home through your appointment date.
  3. Secure any pets in the home once our team arrives.
  4. Make certain you  have a game plan to handle the service you did not hire us to preform as it may be difficult for us to provide additional services at the last moment. 
  5. Notify our office directly if there is a change to the order as our onsite teams are unable to discuss the terms of service. 
  6. Provide your current landlord your forwarding address so that you can get your deposit back within 30-days of moving out.