The Germaine Property Group is a property service company

Offering professionalism, accountability, and affordability to our clients.

 The Germaine Property Group was established on June 20, 2017, in Marietta, Georgia. The company's focus is on bringing to the attention of renters the importance of getting their security deposit back. Many renters believe that losing a portion or all of their security deposit is the norm.  We wanted to help change that paradigm so that renters who consistently give away hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by forfeiting their security deposit can now  get  back their deposit.  Everyone expects to move into a clean apartment or home when you are renting from a landlord. We want our clients to also focus on the moving out process as well.  As a  company, we believe that if people are given an affordable option to get move-out cleaning services they can make getting their security deposit back apart of their entire moving process just like purchasing boxes or setting up utilities are. 

  The Germaine Property Group  is comprised of property managers with over 15 years of industry experience. As property managers and property owners, we understand the cost involved in getting a  home ready for the next renter, that's why we are here to assist our clients with understanding exactly what landlords typically are looking for when assessing charges. 

 The Germaine Property Group believes that if we create value for our clients at any stage of their moving process, our clients will consider us first for their future moving service needs. As a company, we welcome the opportunity to provide custom move-in and move-out services to renters and landlords alike.